Secret secrets and photographs

Hi all,

A little update. Those who have spoken to me in person over the last few weeks will know what I’m REALLY up to besides what I am about to write…but for now I sadly can not commit those details to the internet and we will have to deal with the uglier ducklings of the pond.

I’ve been working on a music video. The same one I mentioned here. It has taken its time but I have been editing in between writing and video jobs and nobody is holding a gun to my head to finish it. I find that a considerable period not editing rejuvenates your mind and freshens your eyes anyway.

Here is a screengrab:

HSIN Music Video Screengrab - by Andy Wooding

I figure another fortnight and we might have something.

I’ve also had the occasional slim moment to process some photographs.

Here are a trio:




Check out the PHOTOGRAPHS SECTION for further additions.

Other projects include the completion of the scripts for the first 3 episodes of SUGARY LIFE TREATS (a sitcom for another post) which we will be soon shooting a pilot for, MONSIEUR PAPIER (animated short) is looking for a team of animators and we are currently having the artwork for two new animated kids series ELECTRIC JOE and INSPECTOR ARPEGGIO digillustrated (that isn’t a word but should be).

BUDGET THIEVES and PLANTS are on holiday for a little while and when I can legally announce the bigger news it will be right here waiting for you.

Yours truly,


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