August update – Animation, Charity and Rock ‘n’ Roll

Good morrow cousin. Is the day so young?

Just e-scribbling a little update for your eyes to read.

Andy Wooding - Writer/Director

Here we go:


Shakeldimes continues to build up its slate of projects. As mentioned in June, two new productions have emerged.

Short family animation, Monsieur Papier, is close to commencement. We’ve almost finalised our animation team and should be finished in Spring 2014. Stay tuned on the page for updates.

Monsieur Papier by Andy Wooding
MONSIEUR PAPIER storyboard by Alex Demetris


Letters to Vanessa is continuing its festival submissions as we gear up for production on satirical live action short To Trend on Twitter – the story of a mother who rises to fame on twitter for having a terminally ill son.

To Trend on Twitter by Andy Wooding

We will be submitting the project to international film festivals before seeking distribution on multiple platforms. All the film’s profits will aid the cause of children with terminal illnesses.

To Trend on Twitter by Andy Wooding

If you’d like to help with any aspect of the production (whether logistical, creative, technical or helping gain the project publicity or help our charity fundraising strategy) then please do drop me a line.



July and August have been full of random things, ranging from live events, private internal filming for clients and music videos.

Here’s one I directed for Zaphonic recently- RORRIM:


I’m working on another for them (Misery) so keep your eyes peeled on the Zaphonic page.



As Monsieur Papier (and other projects) continue to grow and grow, I’m passing over work to others, so if you’re a self-shooter or editor, do get in touch. I might have something for you.

Andy Wooding

That’s it for now. Looking forward to sharing pictures, trailers and more in the coming months.

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Hope all’s fruity with you,

Andy Wooding

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