Magical March update – To Trend on Twitter teaser et al (2014)

Hi-de-hi you swanky pigeons,

All of your eyes look gorgeous. Wish I could be these words as you’re reading them.



The second teaser trailer for TO TREND ON TWITTER, with actual footage from the film, has landed. I’m not lying, look….


You can see the first teaser trailer here and if you’re new to the project you can find the full lowdown here. We’re hoping to complete the production stage in the next few months. We have some fairly expensive and grandiose scenes to shoot, what with celebrity culture in the story and all. I’ll keep you posted.

Best friend forever? Loving acquaintance? Suffering family? Want to help? Click here to see how you can help us make this happen!



Monsieur Papier got his gloriously golden green-light at the beginning of the month, so the animation process is already underway. As it’s early days we don’t have anything to show, so here’s a storyboard by the gorgeous and wonderful artist Oli Gots.


Monsieur Papier - storyboard


There’ll be more goings on going on soon (inc. some music videos and new projects) but, for now, I’ve got a plateful of things to do.


Long live love,

Andy Wooding

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