‘Letters To Vanessa’ is a short film written and directed by Andy Wooding and adapted from the James Haydock short story.


The film follows a series of letters exchanged between the reclusive Edward Meredith and painfully shy Vanessa Ray as they gradually fall deeper and deeper in love.


Cast & Crew 

Writer and Director: Andy Wooding
Produced by: Andy Wooding and Oli Gots
Shakeldimes Productions in association with Interactive Fiction
Cinematographer: Paul Thomson
Stills Photographer: Nurhak Karayol
Hair and Make Up Artist: Giorgio Galliero
Edward Meredith: Tyrone Atkins
Vanessa Ray: Ali Currey
Editor: Chris Scurfield
Colourist: Diane Betties
Composer: Matthew Parker
Approx. running time: 11 mins

Festivals & Release

The film is in the process of being submitted to international film festivals, prior to its release (online and DVD).


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