The End of the World – Video

Hi all,

So with all this panic/small talk/joking about the Mayan end of the world prediction, I had a little gander about it all. Apparently, in all their documentation, they never once said anything about the world ending and this has all come about from the fact that they simply stopped their calendar at that point – so it is all completely fabricated/spun.

The sweet thing is that if I’m wrong there’s no ‘I told you so’.

I created this video after reading a piece a few weeks back that contained the sentence: ‘if the world really was in danger, would it actually be worth saving?’

Here’s my little ‘Good Night’:

Here’s to enjoying many more apocalypses together.

Yours finally,



You can check out another music video here.

3 thoughts on “The End of the World – Video

  1. What an a.amazing film! Loved it…. Hope l can add it to my favourites to watch again? Thanks for sharing and l hope its not the last! Take care love Lizziex

    1. Thank you very much for the kind words, Lizzie. A

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