Augustus Updateus 2014 – To Trend on Twitter

My my, sugar pie – hasn’t it felt like forever?

Step into my office, shut those pretty lips and listen.

Andy Wooding - To Trend on Twitter


It’s been a busy couple of months and – living, breathing and sunshine aside – most minutes have been dedicated to To Trend on Twitter



Thanks to a long list of wonderful people, we’ve been able to shoot a significant amount of the film with some top notch talent behind and in front of the camera. It’s really coming together, although the hardest parts are yet to come. If this project is new to you, it’s for Kids with Cancer charities (as well as to entertain) and you can read a breakdown here.

Now, some things for your eyes to feast on. Here is our ‘teaser poster’ – designed by the excellent Sean Strong:

To Trend on Twitter poster

And here are some pictures from the set, taken by the awesome Andrew Simpson – except the top one which is the super Simon Phipps:

 To Trend on Twitter - Susie Mumma - Keeley-Jo Jupp
To Trend on Twitter - The 70s Scene
TO TREND ON TWITTER - DP Jordan Cushing, I and the crew

Andy Wooding - To Trend on Twitter - Director


TO TREND ON TWITTER - Agent scene director, James Burt

Andy Wooding - Agent Scene - To Trend on Twitter

TO TREND ON TWITTER - Actress Keeley-Jo Jupp and Andy Wooding


There are many, many more juicy pictures for you to see here.

We’re halfway through filming now and are aiming to wrap in the next few months but, as smooth and happy as everything looks in those photos, we REALLY could desperately still use your help. If you have a skill/specialism that you think could help the film or ‘know somebody’ then get in touch.

Otherwise, you can buy premiere tickets and other goods here:

Your help is appreciated…

OK. That’s it. Meeting adjourned. We’ll pick this up another time.

All yours (in a totally mine kind of way),


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