December 2014 update – To Trend on Twitter, art exhibition and LOOPer’s “It’s All We Are” release

HelLO LOvers of LOve and LOllipops!

You’re looking incredibly edible, today, if you don’t mind me saying. I love what you’ve done with your hair!

Just writing to tell you about a couple of new videos….

Andy Wooding -



The year is done and we’re almost through with dark comedy To Trend on Twitter. Here are some snaps from set and, below them, a sneaky little preview of what’s to come.

Andy Wooding on set - To Trend on Twitter Tyrone Atkins - To Trend on Twitter

Andy Wooding - Agent - To Trend on Twitter



In association with Cooltsalon, I had some art exhibited in Sofia, Bulgaria for a ‘cultural exchange’.

Basically, wherever we are, whether it’s in buildings or on streets, online or in magazines, we’ve all got advertisers, governments and business owners telling us to do and not do a lot of things. So I made my own signs telling people what to do – for art, y’know?

I collaborated with terrific To Trend on Twitter poster designer Sean Strong on the designs which you can see below.

Andy Wooding - Don't Not Do Exhibition

Andy Wooding - Don't Not Do

Andy Wooding - Don't Not Do



I also helped my good friend and To Trend on Twitter collaborator Igor Garanin (AKA LOOPer) with a new deep house song ‘It’s All We Are’ which has just been released via the awesome Silk Music.

Here’s the video:


The song can be downloaded via iTunes here and via BeatPort here.



I’m spending this Christmas period helping homeless people with the London-based charity Crisis. There are hundreds sleeping on the streets each night, every year and Crisis offer shelter, food and cleanliness to those often unable to experience the lavish lunches and enjoyable envelope of human warmth that so many can at this time of year.

Crisis - Andy Wooding

If you are at a loose end or just want to help the London homeless this Christmas, even just for one night, then check out the Crisis cause here and sign up!


That’s it from me – have a great time and see you in that big, beautiful, baby girl that we call 2015.

Andy Wooding

Wintry kisses and warmest wishes to you all,


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