Andy Wooding Feb 2018 update – To Trend on Twitter, more films and music

Hello you candy-flavoured caterpillars,

I can’t believe it’s been a whole two years since I last posted an update on my filmic/musical/comedic life.

Weeeelll, looooooads has happenededededededed.

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Photo by Eloise Campbell

To Trend on Twitter
The film is finished and a cast and crew screening in London, UK, will launch the festival run and release of To Trend on Twitter. The film follows single mother Susan Jenkins as she rises to fame on Twitter for having a terminally ill son.

You can see clips and read loads about the amazing To Trend on Twitter cast – and the project as a whole – here. Stay tuned for details!

Mr. Moonlight
I’ve been working on a series of comedy shorts following naive and clumsy fish-out-of-water Edward Moonlight as he attempts to navigate hustling, bustling London and hold down a job to look after his puppy and sick grandma.

We’ve scripted three episodes so far and have shot some test footage in preparation for full production. I’m very excited about this one. 

Andy Wooding in Mr. Moonlight TV comedy series
As Edward Moonlight

Budget Thieves
And I am now gearing up to make satirical comedy feature film Budget Thieves. The script is nearly finished and then we move on to storyboarding and casting. This is my most ambitious project to date, in so many ways, and I’m looking forward to taking it on.

After a break from musical things to focus on To Trend on Twitter, the past year I’ve also been fortunate enough to have time among everything else to make music. On top of the two original songs being released for the film, I Am Susie Mumma and Hashtag, I’ve now recorded a rough demo for what will be my album Run.

And I’ve also been making some tunes for a side project with my glorious friend Leon (from Too Many T’s, check them out!) Planning to share some work in progresses on my Facebook page soon, so do stay tuned if you like!  

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Well, that’s it for the minute. Very excited about all this. Thanks for being gorgeous.


Andy x

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