To Trend on Twitter released, radio and next projects

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An update for thee.

director Andy Wooding
Andy Wooding – photo by Edward Moore

To Trend on Twitter
My dark comedy charity film To Trend on Twitter celebrated its release a couple of weeks back with a premiere at London’s Curzon Soho. Loads of the lovely 350+ cast and crew attended and we’ve raised over £1000 for charity CLIC Sargent so far.

Here are a couple of pictures from the day.

josh whitehouse andy wooding to trend on twitter premiere
Andy Wooding and Josh Whitehouse – photo by Nero Huang
andy wooding helen lederer too many t's
Too Many T’s, Helen Lederer and Andy Wooding – photo by Nero Huang

Head to the To Trend on Twitter website for more photos! 

The response was absolutely incredible (you can read some press coverage here) and it truly was an extraordinary experience being able to raise money for CLIC Sargent by doing something tough but fun with a large group of such talented and amazing people. Special appreciation to lead actress Keeley-Jo Jupp, DP Jordan Cushing, editor Chris Scurfield, sound designer Igor Garanin and composer Marc Mancus whose commitment, vision, skill and patience allowed the film to be what it is.

For newcomers, To Trend on Twitter charts the changing fortunes of single mother Susie Jenkins and her meteoric rise to fame online for having a terminally ill son and features David Baddiel, Helen Lederer, Keeley-Jo Jupp, Marek Larwood, Sarah Daykin, Tyrone Atkins, Reece Shearsmith, Steve Pemberton, Josh Whitehouse and Jason Flemyng.

You can now watch To Trend on Twitter on Vimeo On Demand by clicking the link below!

Should you be feeling festive and charitable and want to give more money to CLIC Sargent, visit our JustGiving page here. Don’t forget to add Gift Aid which gives the charity 25% more at no cost to yourself!

Soho Radio – Too Many T’s “Straight Outta Compton Street”
I also had the pleasure of joining my pals and collaborators Too Many T’s on their Soho Radio show to talk about the film and chat absolute nonsense garbage socks. It was a lot of fun – take a listen below!

Andy Wooding Too Many T's Soho Radio


What’s next?
I’m now working on two comedy series, am nearly done with my satirical comedy feature screenplay (which I’ll also direct) and am finalising a tracklist for the album I’ve written and demoed.

You might think that’s a lot and I might agree with you but I must be going. More on all those soon.


Andy x

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