To Trend on Twitter at Derby Film Festival, Good Vibez Spotify and YouTube playlist

Hello you hot-bodied goblins,

I hope everything’s beautiful with you and yours and theirs and theirs.

Here’s a little love for your life in the form of words and music. 

Andy Wooding music playlist spotify.jpg
Andy Wooding – photo by Eloise Campbell

Good Vibez Playlist
As promised last time, I’ve made a music playlist on Spotify (do follow, love) and YouTube (do subscribe, petal). As we inch closer to winter, this heady upbeat list aims to brighten your days and evenings with the finest and smiliest of vibes and includes tracks by Parliament, Gwen Guthrie, The Fratellis, Sharon Redd, Shintaro Sakamoto, Prince, Yoko Ono, CSS, Teaspoon & The Waves and many more.

The Good Vibez playlist is available on Spotify here and YouTube here.

You’ll get a new one of these every few months and each with a theme!

Andy Wooding music playlist spotify youtube
Andy Wooding – photo by Eloise Campbell

Derby Film Festival screenings
To Trend on Twitter is screening at the super cool Derby Film Festival on Saturday 16th November at 9pm and Sunday 17th November at Quad. I’ll be there, so come along and have a laff, oh won’t you please?

You’ll find out what’s happening with all the various comedy, film and music projects I’ve been working on NEXT time because it’s an absolute jungle in this mind of mine and I’ve got to get on with it all RIGHT NOW! 

Lorryloads of love,

Andy ✌❤👁

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Andy on Twitter.

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