Music Video (nearing completion) and other news-shaped animals.

Good day. Here are two screen grabs from a music video I am currently directing/editing.

I will be posting the video up here in the next few weeks so keep an eye out.

It has been a busy month or so since Christmas packed its bags.  We have completed 3 sitcom episodes for SUGARY LIFE TREATS (full explanation and video shortly,) finished script work on MONSIEUR PAPIER (an animated short about a piece of paper trying to escape from a writer’s paper tray) and are now very close to completion on two feature screenplays: a suspense thriller STALL (which we are producing this year and must keep a lid on for now until elements are finalised) and the comedy satire we plan to sell BUDGET THIEVES OR: HOW I LEARNED TO HATE THE GOVERNMENT AND STOLE FROM THE TREASURY which follows a group of unemployed friends as they attempt to save the UK (and world) economy by stealing the government’s budget briefcase.

I will be posting more news soon, as and when.

All the very best,


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