Yeah, Yeah, Yeah – New Year’s Eve

So children, it’s New Year’s Eve.

And you will be one of two things:

Are you a ‘weeell, another year has gone’ kind of person? Staring into your glass or the stars wondering why you’re here and what the last 365 days actually meant.

Or are you a ‘bring it on 2012. I am going to RIDE you. We’re going to have SO MUCH FUN!’ type? Gleefully skipping into midnight and toasting all the goals you’ve achieved and will do in the new year.

You could also be somewhere in the middle, but that would be far too long-winded to write about now wouldn’t it?

So I’ll keep this short and sweet. This isn’t really New Year’s Eve. The Gregorian calendar is out of whack with the stars. The calendar is an illusion anyway. The 12 months were created by us humans. Time is subjective. So don’t feel the need to radiate because there’s no real time like all the time. Don’t do or say anything that you wouldn’t do the rest of the year because you got carried away with the mood. As I always say at times of mass celebration (hovering my needle over the balloon of excitement) it’s easy to enjoy an evening, to feel motivated for a moment, but it’s the rest of the year we should really be working on. Feeling good 365 days a year? Now THAT’S an achievement.

So I’ll wrap this up by saying whether you’re a goal-setter, friend-appreciater, family-hugger or aren’t having a great time this Dec 31st, I wish you all a fantastic second (when 2011 hands the baton to 2012), day, year and life. Make it count.

Have a great year.

All the best,


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