July Update –

Good July, people.

I hope ‘things’ have been swish and swanky and swell with you.

Here is a succinct update of my recent work. I can not mention the major project that I have been developing just yet (I’m sure you won’t lose any sleep by not knowing) so the news is slender in comparison to my last update in May.



One of my funnest experiences of late was directing sketch comedy trio The Real MacGuffins in their Olympic-themed comedy web videos for Channel Flip

The Real MacGuffins Logo - Andy Wooding


The sketches are twists on Olympic events that already exist as well as events that ‘should-be’ (such as Nostril Pinging).

I directed the sporting events (on location at stadiums and race tracks) and the studio elements were directed by Bob Pipe. The lads were lovely, open to ideas and excellently rehearsed. With actors so used to live performance most of the work is already done.

Here is one of the Olympic Comedy sketches, The Men’s Tummy Licking:



Other news includes the development of comic books, scripts and storyboards for INSPECTOR ARPEGGIO (animation about a goofy grand piano policeman who investigates crimes around Symphonytown) which should be finished by Autumn and is in the capable hands of screenwriter/illustrator and long-term collaborator Mark Steele.

We should have a taster video shortly but for now here is a refresher of the rough poster:

Inspector Arpeggio - Andy Wooding



Last but not least TIME TO DIVE, a photograph of mine has been popular with London Photography gallerists of late.


Any interested collectors, the work can be purchased here.

For now, that’s me. Have a sunny July and speak soon.

All yours,


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