Update, downdate, spin-it-all-arounddate – Fifty Deaths of Shades of Grey and Olympic Comedy

Andy Wooding

-Hi. How are you?


-Great!/Oh…sorry to hear that/Yeah, I know. Tell me about it.

So it’s been a great coupla 24 hourses. Sunshine and everything. Most of July has been spent working on ‘the project you must not speak about until later’ but there are a coupla things I’d like to show you:



First, a cartoon book that Mark and I created in response to the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ storm.

Fifty Deaths of Shades of Grey

This little bundle o’ fun shows ‘the book everybody’s been talking about’ being light-heartedly murdered in fifty different ways.

It’s a fun toilet book/stocking-filler for anybody who generally hates the over-the-top hoo-haa surrounding one particular trend.

Here is a silly video ad we’ve had done:

We’d love it if you’d support us by ‘liking’ our Fifty Facebook Page and ‘follow us on twitter’ where we’ll be uploading samples.

The book is available on Amazon Kindle or on PDF here.

(None of the proceeds will go to charity but if you don’t buy it we will just steal from charity. So the onus is on you.)


As I mentioned in my last post, I worked with The Real MacGuffins on their Olympics Going for Gold video series.

With a mere 24 hours to go, now seems as good a time as any to share with you the ‘High Jump’:

There’s a whole host of others to get your eye’s teeth into including Kiss Chase and the Cheating Hurdles. Watch more here.

Anyway, must be off. Lots to do and all. Hope your ‘Summer’ has been ‘great’ so ‘far.’

Nobody’s sincerely,


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