September update – ££££, Musical Colours and Letters to Vanessa

Good September,

I haven’t posted an update since late July during the Olympics, mainly because a contract chained me to a desk…quite strong for a piece of paper.

However, a huge chunk of that time was also spent doing exciting things:


Sorting out the finance, and other key elements, for STALL has worked out smoothly so far and we have just engaged storyboard artist Sam Mardon to work on the final preparation for telling this story before the actual shoot.


Music Vid

I’ve also edited a very short music video (which I’ll post shortly). The effects have been painstaking but I think it’ll turn out nicely in the end. Here is a short sequence of screengrabs:

Andy Wooding - Music Vid Andy Wooding - Music Vid Andy Wooding - Music Vid

Short Film

A week ago, in association with Interactive Fiction, we shot LETTERS TO VANESSA.

LETTERS TO VANESSA The story follows reclusive Edward Meredith as he pens love letters to the painfully shy Vanessa Ray who has moved in around the corner from him. It is adapted from the short story by James Haydockwhich is in turn based on a true story. We’re now in the edit and I’m looking forward to getting it together, test-screening it and entering it into festivals.



I’m also mid-way through filming short comedy The Moustache Situation which I’m writing/directing/performing in and is lensed by Isabel O’Toole. Moustache - Andy Wooding










More on that one later…

…I think here’s a good place to jump off. Hope to see you all soon.


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