Letters to Vanessa

Good January, friends, cousins, dogs and mice,

I hope you’ve had a sublime 2013 thus far. Updates have been thin on the ground of late, since we’re packaging something that is best left concealed for now. I look forward to sharing details later down the line.

One thing I’d love you all to check out is Letters to Vanessa. It’s a romantic short film with a twist following the reclusive Edward Meredith as he pens love letters to his beautiful new neighbour, Vanessa Ray.

Letters to Vanessa - Tyrone Thoughtful

Day by day, as they cross paths more and more, his fondness grows. But will he able to overcome his self-doubt and fear of rejection? Will Vanessa even want to be with him?

The film is based on a short story written by James Haydock which is, in turn, based on a real-life relationship and the way it turned out in a quaint, quiet little cul-de-sac on the peripheries of a village in Gloucestershire.

So it’s a story based on a story based on a story.

The best kind…

Ali Currey  vs. Camera

The film runs at 11 minutes and is a mixture of black and white and full colour photography with some interesting sounds entering the equation too.

We are ‘saying hi’ to various respected international festivals as we speak and will see how things do. It is a very specific, isolated yet broad tale about love, obsession and that uncertainty one has when faced with something they truly can not live without.


For tickets to screenings, updates, photographs, videos, competitions, giveaways and a whole lot of love, please ‘Like’ our LETTERS TO VANESSA Facebook page.

Here’s a little behind-the-scenes video to warm you up for what’s to come:


Not long now ’til we’re done and you can see what unfolds…

Again, if you dig me or this project or what we’re doing generally then join our Facebook page. Your love is loved.

All my allness,





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