February – Photographs, EFM and Letters to Vanessa posters

Greetings, gentlemen. Why hello, lil ladies. I trust things have been swell?

Me? I’ve been a-goosin’ and a-ganderin’. Here and there. There and here and back again. As always. As always as all alwayses ever done been.




Summa my folks are at the ole EFM at Berlinale this week, doin’ some hollerin’ about this little thing I doned wrote and will have doned directed. So if yer headin’ on down, make sure to wing me on over a direct message so I can get your souls together.


Gettin’ that light through that lens

I doned takened some photographs that yer eyes may doggone take kindly to.

Have a lil look-see.

Up or Down

In or Out





The posters for LETTERS TO VANESSA done goned got themselves ready.

Mr. Lee Henry done designed them.

Letters to Vanessa 2

Letters to Vanessa 1

The film is doned being translated into various world languages and a few trailers’ll be rolling on by shortly, followed by a London screening. So keep yer ears and yer eyes opened.

For now, I got stuff to ‘tend to.



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