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Andy Wooding - director writer

It’s been a busy Spring/Summer on the film front. Post-prod, pre-prod, development, completion, writing, travelling, shooting and, once in a while, the odd stiff drink.

Having a blast, of course, and here are some ins and outs:



As I mentioned, we went to the Cannes Marché du Film in May with our feature film project. Not an awful lot to report as everything is still under wraps.


We did what we went to do, which was essentially business meetings every day and we are all happy with how everything went. More on that later down the line.



Our stylish little short wrapped post-prod in late April and we’ve been running the festival submission mill ever since. We’re programmed into the Palm Springs Short Film Market, so if you’re a programmer, distributor or just a fan of film and are out there with access, then go and look for our movie.

Palm Springs Film Market

Our lead actress Ali Currey will be out there, so if you’d like to meet up with her and be formally introduced to Letters to Vanessa in person then drop me a line.

If you haven’t seen them already, here are the official teaser and full trailers:



Initial storyboarding, music composition and colour testing is nearing completion on our short family animation Monsieur Papier, a fun family frolic following a piece of paper as he tries to escape from a workaholic writer’s typewriter.

Monsieur Papier

Storyboarding was performed by the excellent Alex Demetris (check out his work!) and a rough score sample created by the also excellent Matt Parker (check out his work!)

Monsieur Papier by Andy Wooding

Animation will commence in July. To keep up to date with all progress, join us over on our Monsieur Papier Facebook Page.



As I mentioned last month, work has begun on our next live action short film To Trend on Twitter, an ambitious piece about the mother of a dying child being catapulted into celebrity culture and how she copes with it.

We plan to enter the film into international festivals and all profits of the production will be donated to charities such as Make a Wish, Children with Cancer, CLIC and others.

To Trend on Twitter by Andy Wooding

We plan to shoot the film in July/August and if you’d like to muck in and help in any shape or form (or know someone who can) then please do drop me a line.

Stay up to date with the project on the To Trend on Twitter facebook page.



I’ve been doing some visual work for hot new rock act Zaphonic, recently, and am working with them on a few other things, including a live gig at The Garage on Saturday 16th June. 

Zaphonic Gig

Tickets are only £6 and all profits are donated to the Ben Kinsella Trust. So, if you like to bang your head to heavy music and/or want to support the cause, then please come along and get involved!

That’s it for now. Have a gorgeous June and we’ll ‘ave another little natter in a month.



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