Andy Wooding’s humongous halfway-through-2019 update-arama

Hello, you refreshing glasses of gin and jackfruit juice,

How’s mother? Is she keeping well?

Got a spoonful of Andy Wooding news for you here so lean forward and drink your medicine.

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Feature Film
I’m nearing the end of the writing process for my comedy feature film. It’s the hardest and most research-heavy thing I’ve ever written.

Absorbing all the information about the world, dealing with even just knowing all of that information, mentally, emotionally, and then somehow making that funny was a gargantuan task but I’m now clicking into that very exciting mode where we start to think about how to make it.

Another large challenge!

Man, it would be much easier to just make a fun song about socks or something!

A fun song about socks or something
I’ve written a fun, colourful, silly little ditty about global issues and…socks…which will be produced by my good friend and collaborator Igor Garanin and released with a video.

It’s called “Sockies on my Feet”.

I sometimes “story” bits of these things on Instagram and Facebook so do join me on those to see stuff early in the works!


Andy Wooding photo writer director actor

Andy Wooding on YouTube
Speaking of social media, I now have a YouTube channel. I’ll be popping all my comedy, music or film stuff and any behind-the-scenes videos up there, so SUBSCRIBE RIGHT NOW and be the first to see new audio-visual treats!

Andy Wooding YouTube

Other projects
The “Untitled Andy Wooding Music Short Film” mentioned in my last post is half written and slowly but surely vibrating itself to life and the “Untitled Comedy Short Film” is neaaaarly ready to cast, crew and make!!!  Need some bleedin’ titles though, don’t I?

Perhaps I’ll have them next time.

Catch you if you fall.

Andy x

2 thoughts on “Andy Wooding’s humongous halfway-through-2019 update-arama

  1. So far a very creative half year, well done!

    1. Danke Anke Schranke!

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