Andy Wooding’s Augasmic August news

Hello everybody. If that’s your REAL name.

I hope you’re super well.

It’s been a couple of months since my last Andy Wooding update.

Which means one is overdue. And this is it.

Andy Wooding film chill
Andy Wooding – photo by Eloise Campbell

Feature Script

The feature film screenplay is nearly done. I’ve allowed the writing process to breathe quite a bit for this one, since it’s not a sketch or song or short or sitcom. It’s a very ambitious, long form piece of writing about serious things told in a silly way. Not one to rush. 

Once, that’s done though, I’ll be very vocal about its coming together!

Andy Wooding movie actor relax
Andy Wooding – photo by Eloise Campbell

Sockies On My Feet
I am now casting, crewing and socking this delightful, colourful, musical little video. It’s a song about world issues and socks. Do join me on Facebook and Instagram if you want to follows its making in stories and posts etc!

Other projects
Lots of other musical and comedy pots are bubbling on the boil but I much prefer writing about them when they have cool material things I can share with you like poster/artwork, cast, crew, photos, footage and stuff.

So let me get back to you on those. Some artwork is being made as you read this.*

*Probably. It really does depend when you’re reading this.

To Trend on Twitter
My short film To Trend on Twitter has been entered into the best film festivals in the world and so far we have been listed as a finalist at a BAFTA and Oscar-qualifying festival in the US.

I’m waiting to hear on many, many others and I hope to bring you news of some screenings soon.


Andy ✌❤👁

Andy on Twitter.

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