NOVEMBER UPDATE – AFM, Monsieur Papier and other wild horses

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Just finger-tapping a little line or two about what’s going on in AndyWoodingVille.

Andy Wooding - director writer

Since the Summer (when I showed some storyboards from Monsieur Papier and announced To Trend on Twitter) things have come together quite nicely.


AFM + Top Secret Feature

Our team are now out at the AFM talking to sales agents, distributors and co-production companies regarding our top secret feature film. We’ve worked hard over the prior months and now have an extremely detailed storyboard (designed by the excellent Sam Mardon – check out his work!), have a full (near frame-by-frame) animatic of the entire film and are now in the process of attaching talent.

STALL storyboard (storyboard artist Sam Mardon)We’re aiming to shoot in Spring 2014 and are looking forward to making announcements soon.

Attending AFM and want to meet? Drop me a line here.

NB/ Shakeldimes Productions are not looking for any additional projects at the moment



Monsieur Papier

Final talks and agreements are being made with our animators for this fun family animation about a French piece of paper trying to escape from a writer’s typewriter, so stay tuned for announcements.

It’s set to be an international co-production produced between the UK,  Europe and the US.

Andy Wooding - Monsieur Papier Animation

We’re halfway through the storyboarding process and animation will begin in January 2014.  The film will be ready for its festival run in January 2015 – a long way away, yes – but we’ll be keeping lots of little updates and visuals and clips coming your way throughout the year.

Keep updated with Monsieur Papier here.


To Trend on Twitter

The storyboarding process (performed by the excellent @artistgots) is nearly complete and we’re gearing up to shoot initial days in December for this satirical short about a mother who rises to fame on twitter for having a terminally ill son.

Andy Wooding - Film - To Trend on Twitter

Final shooting will take place in February 2014 and the film will be submitted into the international film circuit. All the film’s profits will aid the cause of children with terminal illnesses.

To Trend on Twitter by Andy Wooding

If you’d like to help with any aspect of the production (whether logistical, creative, technical or helping gain the project publicity/help our charity fundraising strategy) then please do drop me a line.

Follow To Trend on Twitter‘s news, visuals and more here.

To Trend on Twitter by Andy Wooding

And last (and completely least) I love you. That’s it for now.

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