January Rainbows…and pots of gold (2014)

Greetings person/alien/horse/inanimate object,

How’ve you been flowerin’?

Andy Wooding - film - comedy

Just updating you all on mein recent ventures. January’s been dazzling, February’s looking gorgeous, and we won’t mention the other 10 months or we’ll be back where we started.



The teasing, trailery, teaser trailer for To Trend on Twitter is available for your viewing pleasure below:


The motion graphics were made by the excellent Matt Harle and the sound design by Looper (Igor Garanin). Check out their work!

We’ll have further updates as we design and shoot more in the coming weeks/months, but if you haven’t seen photos from our first shoot, look here.



It’s started. The final storyboards are almost in and the animation process is underway for Monsieur Papier. Here are a few panels by the gorgeous ‘Artist Gots’.

Monsieur Papier - Andy Wooding Oli GotsMonsieur Papier - Andy Wooding - Oli Gots

And if you want to browse through some other Monsieur Papier stuff you can check out a past update here or see practically ALL of the storyboards on the Facebook page!

Well that’s it from me, for now. It’s been gorgeous. More soon.

Long live love,

Andy Wooding

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