Augustus Updateus 2014 – To Trend on Twitter

My my, sugar pie – hasn’t it felt like forever?

Step into my office, shut those pretty lips and listen.

Andy Wooding - To Trend on Twitter


It’s been a busy couple of months and – living, breathing and sunshine aside – most minutes have been dedicated to To Trend on Twitter



Thanks to a long list of wonderful people, we’ve been able to shoot a significant amount of the film with some top notch talent behind and in front of the camera. It’s really coming together, although the hardest parts are yet to come. If this project is new to you, it’s for Kids with Cancer charities (as well as to entertain) and you can read a breakdown here.

Now, some things for your eyes to feast on. Here is our ‘teaser poster’ – designed by the excellent Sean Strong:

To Trend on Twitter poster

And here are some pictures from the set, taken by the awesome Andrew Simpson – except the top one which is the super Simon Phipps:

 To Trend on Twitter - Susie Mumma - Keeley-Jo Jupp
To Trend on Twitter - The 70s Scene
TO TREND ON TWITTER - DP Jordan Cushing, I and the crew

Andy Wooding - To Trend on Twitter - Director


TO TREND ON TWITTER - Agent scene director, James Burt

Andy Wooding - Agent Scene - To Trend on Twitter

TO TREND ON TWITTER - Actress Keeley-Jo Jupp and Andy Wooding


There are many, many more juicy pictures for you to see here.

We’re halfway through filming now and are aiming to wrap in the next few months but, as smooth and happy as everything looks in those photos, we REALLY could desperately still use your help. If you have a skill/specialism that you think could help the film or ‘know somebody’ then get in touch.

Otherwise, you can buy premiere tickets and other goods here:

Your help is appreciated…

OK. That’s it. Meeting adjourned. We’ll pick this up another time.

All yours (in a totally mine kind of way),


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May, me, mi, mo, mum – May News (2014)

Hello, you fabulous human being with the ability to read,

I hope this finds you happy, healthy and well. Just typing words into sentences to tell you what I’ve been up to in the last couple of months.


Andy Wooding 2014



I’ve been working hard on To Trend on Twitter (short film, for charity, more info here). We’ve had help from all over the world – London, Liverpool, Newcastle, NYC, LA, Copenhagen, Aalborg, Sydney, Paris and many more. So many people have been so tremendously generous and leapt to our help – I, and the rest of the team, are so thankful for it. Thank you (see!)

If you feel you have a skill you can lend – whether it be graphic design, photoshop or you have access to studio space/locations or you’d like to make a financial contribution in exchange for premiere tickets – then please, please, do get in touch – anything and everything is appreciated.

We’ve staged a few paparazzi moments across London . Here are some photos of ‘Susie Mumma’ on a couple of nights out in Soho.

Andy Wooding - To Trend on Twitter Andy Wooding - To Trend on Twitter

Andy Wooding - To Trend on Twitter - Keeley Jupp and Ksenia Safronenko

The scenes-to-shoot list slowly shortens and the good news grows. We just shot the intro and outro narration with a very special comedy guest and a ‘TV spot’ with excellent comedy rap act Too Many T’s – check them out.

Throughout this, I’ve been working with excellent cinematographer Jordan Cushing  – check him out too!

Here are some pics from the shoot:

Andy Wooding - Jordan Cushing - To Trend on Twitter

DP Jordan Cushing and I

Andy Wooding - Director - To Trend on Twitter

The special guest narrator – to be revealed soon…

Andy Wooding - Too Many T's - Ross Standaloft and Leon Smith  - To Trend on Twitter

Too Many T’s – Leon Rhymes and Standaloft

Andy Wooding - Rosie Reed - To Trend on Twitter

Rosie Reed


We’ve got more shoots and more news coming up, so stay tuned. If you’d like to contribute/be involved then please read this and get in touch with me.

That’s it, we’re done here.

Long live love,

Andy Wooding

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Magical March update – To Trend on Twitter teaser et al (2014)

Hi-de-hi you swanky pigeons,

All of your eyes look gorgeous. Wish I could be these words as you’re reading them.



The second teaser trailer for TO TREND ON TWITTER, with actual footage from the film, has landed. I’m not lying, look….


You can see the first teaser trailer here and if you’re new to the project you can find the full lowdown here. We’re hoping to complete the production stage in the next few months. We have some fairly expensive and grandiose scenes to shoot, what with celebrity culture in the story and all. I’ll keep you posted.

Best friend forever? Loving acquaintance? Suffering family? Want to help? Click here to see how you can help us make this happen!



Monsieur Papier got his gloriously golden green-light at the beginning of the month, so the animation process is already underway. As it’s early days we don’t have anything to show, so here’s a storyboard by the gorgeous and wonderful artist Oli Gots.


Monsieur Papier - storyboard


There’ll be more goings on going on soon (inc. some music videos and new projects) but, for now, I’ve got a plateful of things to do.


Long live love,

Andy Wooding

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January Rainbows…and pots of gold (2014)

Greetings person/alien/horse/inanimate object,

How’ve you been flowerin’?

Andy Wooding - film - comedy

Just updating you all on mein recent ventures. January’s been dazzling, February’s looking gorgeous, and we won’t mention the other 10 months or we’ll be back where we started.



The teasing, trailery, teaser trailer for To Trend on Twitter is available for your viewing pleasure below:


The motion graphics were made by the excellent Matt Harle and the sound design by Looper (Igor Garanin). Check out their work!

We’ll have further updates as we design and shoot more in the coming weeks/months, but if you haven’t seen photos from our first shoot, look here.



It’s started. The final storyboards are almost in and the animation process is underway for Monsieur Papier. Here are a few panels by the gorgeous ‘Artist Gots’.

Monsieur Papier - Andy Wooding Oli GotsMonsieur Papier - Andy Wooding - Oli Gots

And if you want to browse through some other Monsieur Papier stuff you can check out a past update here or see practically ALL of the storyboards on the Facebook page!

Well that’s it from me, for now. It’s been gorgeous. More soon.

Long live love,

Andy Wooding

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December Update –

Dear Mrs/Mrs ‘Who it may concern’,

Just writing you all a little filmic update before Santa comes along and steals much of the world’s attention. The diva.

Andy Wooding



Shooting began, last weekend, for satirical short film To Trend on Twitter. The story follows a mother’s rise to fame on Twitter for having a terminally ill son. The shoot swam swimmingly and we’re all looking forward to putting on our goggles and flippers for the more elaborate scenes in 2014.

Here are some photographs:

To Trend on Twitter - Andy Wooding - Keeley Jo-Jupp

To Trend on Twitter - Andy Wooding Tyrone Atkins Keeley Jo-Jupp

To Trend on Twitter - Andy Wooding Keeley Jo-Jupp

To Trend on Twitter - Andy Wooding Keeley Jo-Jupp

More photos available on the To Trend on Twitter Facebook page.

The actress pictured is our lead Keeley Jo-Jupp who I highly recommend, as well as Tyrone Atkins (pictured with Keeley), who I’ve worked with before on Letters to Vanessa.



I’m glad to announce that Monsieur Papier (a short animation about a piece of paper trying to escape from a writer’s grasp) will be animated by the very talented, San-Franciso-based, animator Adam Bucceri and his team throughout 2014.

Here’s a quick clip from one of his pieces:

We’re just finishing up the storyboards with the wonderful Oli Gots. The initial boards were started by the excellent Alex Demetris but, we’re pleased to say, it looks like he’s found a home for a comic he holds dear to his heart ‘Dad’s Not All There Anymore’ so he has gone on to pursue his dream.

Here’s one of the Monsieur Papier storyboards, in case you’re new or just deleted it from your brain:

Andy Wooding - Monsieur Papier

Join Monsieur Papier on Facebook for treat-like updates.

THAT’S IT for now. There’s probably more but life’s too short to sit here writing to you lot all week.

Oh…and of course – I nearly forgotteneded. We’ve still got our secret feature on the boil. But that’s a story for a less legally-forbidden-to-talk-about-it day.

All the best and none of the worst,

Andy Wooding

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NOVEMBER UPDATE – AFM, Monsieur Papier and other wild horses

Hello darling,

You look unbelievably gorgeous today. And how pretty those shoes!

Just finger-tapping a little line or two about what’s going on in AndyWoodingVille.

Andy Wooding - director writer

Since the Summer (when I showed some storyboards from Monsieur Papier and announced To Trend on Twitter) things have come together quite nicely.


AFM + Top Secret Feature

Our team are now out at the AFM talking to sales agents, distributors and co-production companies regarding our top secret feature film. We’ve worked hard over the prior months and now have an extremely detailed storyboard (designed by the excellent Sam Mardon – check out his work!), have a full (near frame-by-frame) animatic of the entire film and are now in the process of attaching talent.

STALL storyboard (storyboard artist Sam Mardon)We’re aiming to shoot in Spring 2014 and are looking forward to making announcements soon.

Attending AFM and want to meet? Drop me a line here.

NB/ Shakeldimes Productions are not looking for any additional projects at the moment



Monsieur Papier

Final talks and agreements are being made with our animators for this fun family animation about a French piece of paper trying to escape from a writer’s typewriter, so stay tuned for announcements.

It’s set to be an international co-production produced between the UK,  Europe and the US.

Andy Wooding - Monsieur Papier Animation

We’re halfway through the storyboarding process and animation will begin in January 2014.  The film will be ready for its festival run in January 2015 – a long way away, yes – but we’ll be keeping lots of little updates and visuals and clips coming your way throughout the year.

Keep updated with Monsieur Papier here.


To Trend on Twitter

The storyboarding process (performed by the excellent @artistgots) is nearly complete and we’re gearing up to shoot initial days in December for this satirical short about a mother who rises to fame on twitter for having a terminally ill son.

Andy Wooding - Film - To Trend on Twitter

Final shooting will take place in February 2014 and the film will be submitted into the international film circuit. All the film’s profits will aid the cause of children with terminal illnesses.

To Trend on Twitter by Andy Wooding

If you’d like to help with any aspect of the production (whether logistical, creative, technical or helping gain the project publicity/help our charity fundraising strategy) then please do drop me a line.

Follow To Trend on Twitter‘s news, visuals and more here.

To Trend on Twitter by Andy Wooding

And last (and completely least) I love you. That’s it for now.

You can follow my antics and day-to-day doings on Twitter and Facebook or sign up for email updates on the right hand side of the page.

All my sugar,


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August update – Animation, Charity and Rock ‘n’ Roll

Good morrow cousin. Is the day so young?

Just e-scribbling a little update for your eyes to read.

Andy Wooding - Writer/Director

Here we go:


Shakeldimes continues to build up its slate of projects. As mentioned in June, two new productions have emerged.

Short family animation, Monsieur Papier, is close to commencement. We’ve almost finalised our animation team and should be finished in Spring 2014. Stay tuned on the page for updates.

Monsieur Papier by Andy Wooding

MONSIEUR PAPIER storyboard by Alex Demetris


Letters to Vanessa is continuing its festival submissions as we gear up for production on satirical live action short To Trend on Twitter – the story of a mother who rises to fame on twitter for having a terminally ill son.

To Trend on Twitter by Andy Wooding

We will be submitting the project to international film festivals before seeking distribution on multiple platforms. All the film’s profits will aid the cause of children with terminal illnesses.

To Trend on Twitter by Andy Wooding

If you’d like to help with any aspect of the production (whether logistical, creative, technical or helping gain the project publicity or help our charity fundraising strategy) then please do drop me a line.



July and August have been full of random things, ranging from live events, private internal filming for clients and music videos.

Here’s one I directed for Zaphonic recently- RORRIM:


I’m working on another for them (Misery) so keep your eyes peeled on the Zaphonic page.



As Monsieur Papier (and other projects) continue to grow and grow, I’m passing over work to others, so if you’re a self-shooter or editor, do get in touch. I might have something for you.

Andy Wooding

That’s it for now. Looking forward to sharing pictures, trailers and more in the coming months.

Join me on Twitter, Facebook or sign up for email updates on the right hand side of the page.

Hope all’s fruity with you,

Andy Wooding

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Hello. Fancy seeing you here!

(Shakes hand/European kisses/Bows/Hugs).

Andy Wooding - director writer

It’s been a busy Spring/Summer on the film front. Post-prod, pre-prod, development, completion, writing, travelling, shooting and, once in a while, the odd stiff drink.

Having a blast, of course, and here are some ins and outs:



As I mentioned, we went to the Cannes Marché du Film in May with our feature film project. Not an awful lot to report as everything is still under wraps.


We did what we went to do, which was essentially business meetings every day and we are all happy with how everything went. More on that later down the line.



Our stylish little short wrapped post-prod in late April and we’ve been running the festival submission mill ever since. We’re programmed into the Palm Springs Short Film Market, so if you’re a programmer, distributor or just a fan of film and are out there with access, then go and look for our movie.

Palm Springs Film Market

Our lead actress Ali Currey will be out there, so if you’d like to meet up with her and be formally introduced to Letters to Vanessa in person then drop me a line.

If you haven’t seen them already, here are the official teaser and full trailers:



Initial storyboarding, music composition and colour testing is nearing completion on our short family animation Monsieur Papier, a fun family frolic following a piece of paper as he tries to escape from a workaholic writer’s typewriter.

Monsieur Papier

Storyboarding was performed by the excellent Alex Demetris (check out his work!) and a rough score sample created by the also excellent Matt Parker (check out his work!)

Monsieur Papier by Andy Wooding

Animation will commence in July. To keep up to date with all progress, join us over on our Monsieur Papier Facebook Page.



As I mentioned last month, work has begun on our next live action short film To Trend on Twitter, an ambitious piece about the mother of a dying child being catapulted into celebrity culture and how she copes with it.

We plan to enter the film into international festivals and all profits of the production will be donated to charities such as Make a Wish, Children with Cancer, CLIC and others.

To Trend on Twitter by Andy Wooding

We plan to shoot the film in July/August and if you’d like to muck in and help in any shape or form (or know someone who can) then please do drop me a line.

Stay up to date with the project on the To Trend on Twitter facebook page.



I’ve been doing some visual work for hot new rock act Zaphonic, recently, and am working with them on a few other things, including a live gig at The Garage on Saturday 16th June. 

Zaphonic Gig

Tickets are only £6 and all profits are donated to the Ben Kinsella Trust. So, if you like to bang your head to heavy music and/or want to support the cause, then please come along and get involved!

That’s it for now. Have a gorgeous June and we’ll ‘ave another little natter in a month.



(If you’d like these updates posted direct to your inbox every month then please sign up using the little box on the right under my Twitter feed).

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Short shorts, secret feature, Cannes and other meaningless robots

Happy Fruitbowls everyone,

I hope all’s been going swimming poolingly with you. For me, the last few months have been monthy and full of days.  Here’s an update on my shorts, specs and a secret feature.

Andy SelfPotSof



We’re continuing to move forward with our feature project-we-can’t-talk-about and I’m still looking forward to sharing the news as and when.

We’re in Cannes (for the Marché du Film) from the 16-20th, so as long as you’re not crazy then drop me a line to talk biz or just for a chat.



Meanwhile, I’ve been doing a page 1 rewrite (my favourite kind of rewrite) of our family comedy animation PLANTS.



More on the story etc. here. It’s been a long time in the works but then such is the life of a spec. The story now has a great unity between character, theme, world and story which it certainly lacked in the earlier iteration…and a stinging nettle villain…



Things are moving forward, in the background, on our 4 minute animated short Monsieur Papier – the story of a piece of paper trying to escape a writer’s typewriter. A trailer will be available by the end of the year.

Letters to Vanessa is finally complete and a screening is imminent. It’s been a long slog but we’ve made it. Lots of love to all the talented people that made it happen. There isn’t one of them I wouldn’t recommend the services of. Check them out here.

Letters to Vanessa 2

Keep your eyes open for a teaser. We’re posting shortly….


To Trend on Twitter is a new project, I’m pleased to announce. It’s a docufiction short, following a mother’s rise to twitter fame because of her terminally ill son.

To Trend on Twitter.

I’ve got my eye on actors. Some of you should expect an email in the next few weeks.

It’s going to be one great big pain in the toes to produce (due to its scale) but I’m excited nonetheless. ‘Like’ the Facebook Page for updates as and when, although they’ll be thin on the ground until August.



Still snapping (of course). Here’re a couple of recenters:

Oli Cereal lure



Well. That’s it. I’ve had it with you lot. Back to my year. More soon.



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February – Photographs, EFM and Letters to Vanessa posters

Greetings, gentlemen. Why hello, lil ladies. I trust things have been swell?

Me? I’ve been a-goosin’ and a-ganderin’. Here and there. There and here and back again. As always. As always as all alwayses ever done been.




Summa my folks are at the ole EFM at Berlinale this week, doin’ some hollerin’ about this little thing I doned wrote and will have doned directed. So if yer headin’ on down, make sure to wing me on over a direct message so I can get your souls together.


Gettin’ that light through that lens

I doned takened some photographs that yer eyes may doggone take kindly to.

Have a lil look-see.

Up or Down

In or Out





The posters for LETTERS TO VANESSA done goned got themselves ready.

Mr. Lee Henry done designed them.

Letters to Vanessa 2

Letters to Vanessa 1

The film is doned being translated into various world languages and a few trailers’ll be rolling on by shortly, followed by a London screening. So keep yer ears and yer eyes opened.

For now, I got stuff to ‘tend to.



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